Museum Intelligence New Mode

Release Time:2014-12-30

From Dec. 28 to 29, the Symposium on “Museum Intelligence—Data Knowledge Discovery and Presentation Mode” & Plenary Session of IOT Construction Technology Innovation Federation Board of Directors in Cultural Relics Protection was held in Suzhou, a great event sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and organized by Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, TV, News and Publication, and Suzhou Museum with assistance from Jiangsu Province Bureau of Cultural Relics and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS. On the Symposium, deputy curator Yao Fei made a report on Practice and Conception of Museum and Youth Education on behalf of the Museum. Having been regarded as a pilot of intelligent museum since 2014, Jinsha Site Museum under Chengdu Museum has always devoted itself to the digitalized protection and management of cultural heritage and digitalized services to visitors with commendable effects. On the Symposium, the Museum was announced as a member of the IOT Construction Technology Innovation Federation Board of Directors in Cultural Relics Protection for the first batch.


(Yao Fei, the deputy curator of Jinsha Site Museum, giving her report on the Symposium)

With the coming of the Internet+ age, big data, cloud computing, VR, AR, data visualization, IOT and other high technologies are playing more significant roles in collection management and exhibition, daily operation and management of museum, cultural relics repair and protection, tourist experience and service, social education for youth, which may also become a factor changing the future development direction of museums.

By seizing the opportunity of internet age, Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum is exchanging with other museums for more knowledge, and cooperating with related enterprises in cultural industry to explore the road of transformation to “intelligent museum”. Thus, with the support of new technology, the 3,000-year-old cultural relics of Ancient Shu have a way more coping with the age to give play to its social functions and value, and to offer people better services.