A New Mode: Intelligent Museums

Release Time:2014-12-30

From Dec. 28th to 29th, the Symposium on “Museum Intelligence—Data Knowledge Discovery and Presentation Mode” & Plenary Session of IOT Construction Technology Innovation Federation Board of Directors in Cultural Relics Protection was held in Suzhou. It was a great event sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and organized by Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, TV, News and Publication, and Suzhou Museum with assistance from Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS. During the event, deputy director Fei Yao gave a speech on the Concept and Practice of Museum Youth Education Program. Having been selected as a pilot of the National Intelligent Museum Project in 2014, Jinsha has always devoted itself to the digitalized protection and management of cultural heritage and creative exhibitions with advanced technologies. 


(Deputy director Fei Yao of Jinsha Site Museum giving her speech during the Symposium)