A Letter from the Director

Dear visitors:

Locating in the urban area of Chengdu, Jinsha Site Museum is a site museum built on Jinsha Site, the important archaeological discovery of ancient Shu civilization. The museum covers an area of 456 mu (1mu=667m2), including Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, tourists center, Cultural Relic Protection and Restoration Center, Garden Area etc. It is a special place for you to experience and appreciate the unique ancient Shu civilization that has nothing like the ancient Chinese Yellow River Valley Civilization and other ancient civilizations in the world. Jinsha Site Museum was officially opened to the public on April 16, 2007 and has received more than 10 million tourists from home and abroad.

The construction area of Relics Hall is 7588 square meters, which is the longest-lasting, best-preserved ancient remains with the largest quantity of sacrificial objects discovered in China so far.

Exhibition Hall has a construction area of 16,200 square meters and is composed of 5 exhibition halls, namely, Primitive Homeland, King Palace at a Glance, Immortal Heaven and Earth, Peak of Perfection, and Seeking Answers. There are more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics in Jinsha Site Museum, including 364 identified first-level cultural relics, 311 second-level cultural relics and 319 third-level cultural relics. In August 2005, the Sun and Immortal Birds Gold Ornament was announced by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage as the China Cultural Heritage Logo, followed by its confirmation as the core pattern of the urban image of Chengdu in December 2011. In January 2009, Jinsha Site Museum was rated as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. In November 2009, the permanent exhibition Enter Jinsha won the excellent prize of 8th national museum top ten exhibitions (2007-2008). In October 2010, Jinsha Site Museum was rated as one of China’s first batch of national archaeological site park. Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum has become an iconic landscape representing the long history of Chengdu, Sichuan, and an important place for citizens to bath in the rich culture.

The official website of Jinsha Site Museum is an extension of itis social functions and an important platform for us to reach the public on the Internet across time and space. As a useful supplement to the physical museum, we will make good use of this platform to strengthen contact and communication with the public. At the same time, we sincerely invite all of you to visit Jinsha Site Museum in person, to appreciate the simple but elegant buildings of the Museum that well describe the enchanting qualities of the world, to feel the use of modern technology in the exhibition, and to listen to the stories of Jinsha told by gentle voices. There will be no doubt that all of you will be amazed by the ancient wisdom of ancestors of the ancient Shu and be impressed by the long-standing history of Jinsha culture.

Zhangyi Zhu

Director of Jinsha Site Museum