National Archaeological Site Park


Jinsha site discovered on February 8, 2001 is another major archaeological discovery in Sichuan after Sanxingdui and is also known as “the first major archaeological discovery in China at the beginning of the 21st century”. Surprises kept emerging from here with more precious relics unearthed. The well-protected core area of Jinsha site has been shaped into Jinsha Site Museum in just six years from early archaeological excavation, site protection, museum planning to the final opening to the public, which created another miracle of relics protection in the center of megacities. In 2006, Jinsha site was selected by the State Council into the sixth batch of national key cultural relic protection units, and was included in the preliminary list of declared world cultural heritage along with Sanxingdui Ruins and the Boat-shaped Coffin Relics; in 2010, Jinsha Site made into the first batch of national archaeological site park; in 2012, Jinsha Site Museum joined the second batch of national first-level museums. From an important site known only to the archaeological world, to a nationwide famous and popular archaeological site park among people, and a national first-level museum, Jinsha Site in Chengdu completed this magnificent achievement with the shared protection of cultural heritage from all levels of society.