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By creative designs, the Museum managed to incorporate the cultural elements and cultural connotation of objects made of gold, jade, bronze and pottery in modern production and life as they are representatives of the mysterious Jinsha cultural relics and the resplendent ancient Shu civilization. Different cultural and tourism products, with artistic quality, practicability, cultural connotation and innovation, were developed and linked with our daily life. In particular, those for decoration, presentation and conference marked with the pattern of the “Sun and Immortal Birds Gold Ornament” which has been identified as the logo of China Cultural Heritage and a valuable of the Museum, with extraordinary workmanship, competitive skills and unique historical connotation, have attracted visitors at home and abroad. While satisfying the demands of tourists on culture and improving the museum’s service functions, those creative products of culture and tourism are fulfilling their missions of upholding the excellent Chinese culture and ancient Shu civilization, to “revive” cultural relics and to educate people with culture.

Our creative and tourism products have been awarded with many prizes, including “the 3rd Award of Museum Cultural Products 2010” and “Excellent Award of Museum Cultural Products 2010” by the Chinese Museums Association; the Bronze Award of “Creative Cultural Products Recommendations for Museums in China”, co-granted by the China Museums Association and China Cultural Heritage Information and Consulting Center in 2012, and the “Bronze Award of China Tourism Commodities” on China International Tourism Commodities Fair in 2011 and 2014; the “Gold Award of China Tourism Commodities” in 2012, 2013 and 2014, co-granted by the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau and Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association. 


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