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Relying on unique Jinsha cultural relics resources and the brilliant ancient Shu civilization, the museum creatively incorporates elements of unearthed and collected gold, jade, bronze artifacts, and pottery and their cultural implications into modern-day production, and has developed cultural tourism products closely related to people’s daily life. In particular, the selected collections represented by the symbol of China cultural heritage – decorations, gifts, business conference products, etc., designed and developed based on the “Sun and Immortal Birds” pattern, are well received by tourists both at home and abroad.

The creative and cultural tourism products developed by the museum have won multiple awards. The 2019 “Double-ear Gold Mask Cup” won the Silver Prize in China’s Specialty Tourism Products Competition, the Gold Prize in Chengdu Gift Tourism Products Creative Design Competition and other awards; The cute mascot “Wululu” received the honor of the Best Internet Popularity Award and the Silver Prize in the 2019 “Chengdu Gift” Tourism Products Competition. In July 2019, “Ancient-Shu-Fish-and-Bird Pattern Umbrella” won the Silver Prize in the 2019 Sichuan Tourism Products Competition.


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