8th Anniversary of Jinsha
Release Time:2015-04-10

Jinsha Site Museum Celebrating its 8th Birthday with Kids Born on the Same Day with Cakes and Wishes in Painting

Apr. 16, 2015 is the 8th anniversary of the opening of Jinsha Site Museum. A group of kids born on the same day as Jinsha Site Museum are invited for a celebration. 50 kids born on Apr. 16 from 1 year old to 8 years old will draw and write on the special canvas to give their best wishes.

What kind of “museum lifestyle” has Jinsha Site Museum brought to Sichuan, especially Chengdu in the last 8 years?


Savage land without words, rites or music?

Jinsha transforms the impression of ancient Shu

The discovery of the Jinsha Site in 2001 brought back the past glories and its missing history of the ancient Shu Kingdom and backdated the foundation history of Chengdu to over 3,000 years ago. It has enriched the connotation of this renowned historical and cultural city significantly. The exquisite cultural relics (including gold ware, bronze ware, jade ware, and ivory, etc.) connects the fragmented history, and contains the thread of the generation, development and evolution of ancient Shu civilization and the DNA of Chengdu culture. Furthermore, the culture still continues and develops with the optimistic life and innovative spirits of Chengdu people as well as tolerant and open attitude of Chengdu.

Marvelous moments in the last 8 years

The “Sun and Immortal Bird” was identified as the logo of China Cultural Heritage in 2005; Jinsha Site Museum officially opened on Apr. 16, 2007. Since opening, more than 8 million tourists have visited Jinsha Site Museum. Besides the honor of National Cultural Heritage Protection Unit, 4A National Tourist Attraction, the first batch of National Archaeological Site Park, National First-class Museums and so on, Jinsha Site Museum along with Sanxingdui Site, the ancient Shu civilization sites, is included in the 2016 reserve list of World Cultural Heritage thanks to its inestimable value of history and art.

The discovery of Jinsha Site was a great archaeological event in China in the 21st Century. The basic display of the museum Come into Jinsha has won the fine award of the “Eighth (year 2007 - 2008) National Top Ten Museum Exhibitions”. The cultural and creative products based on unearthed Jinsha cultural relics have won the Bronze Prizes for “China Tourism Commodities Competition” and “Recommendation Activities for Cultural Products and Creative Design of Museums in China”.

Since the discovery of the Jinsha Site, experts and scholars of Jinsha have published more than 150 academic papers in many well-known journals at home and abroad, issued more than 40 academic works, and the scientific research projects undertook and finished by Jinsha have won many national and provincial awards, such as “Annual National Cultural and Educational Archaeological Top Ten Books in 2005”, “Excellent Author Award” of the Science Press, and in 2009 “Academic Contribution Award” of Chinese Museums Association, as well as the first prize for the “2nd China National Cultural Innovation Achievement Award”.


From 2003 on, the cultural relics unearthed in Jinsha have been exhibited for exchange in France, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Italy, and the United States, etc., which is beneficial to spread the mysterious ancient Shu civilization to the world. In 2014, the Jinsha cultural relics went to the United States Bowers Museum for display. In April 2015, these exquisite cultural relics were transported from the Bowers Museum to the Houston Natural Science Museum and officially exhibited on Apr. 9.

Jinsha Site Museum was the first one to deeply cooperate with Google Cultural Institute. Thus, besides the offline exhibition, it also pushed out digital exhibition hall and online exhibition in 2013. Global users have access to HD pictures of over 80 cultural relics from Jinsha Site Museum and their bi-lingual introductions to details via the online platform. In 2014, Jinsha Site Museum ranked on the list of the Top 10 Museums in “2014 Travelers’ Choice- List of the World's Most Popular Museums” issued by the largest and world’s most popular travel commentary site Trip Advisor, on the China (Chengdu) Travel List of “Best Reputable Scenic Spot” award in 2014, on the list of “2014 Top 10 Best Museums in China” issued by Ctrip, and as No.1 on the Tourist Destinations List of “The Most Anticipated on the Southern Silk Road”.

The Sun Festival of Jinsha welcomes visitors during the Spring Festival each year as scheduled, and it has been held six times. Visitors have surprises and joys every year. Now, the festival became a routine that the local citizens would come to Jinsha, the origin of the city, to experience its culture and to pray for blessings on this special day

In 2014, at the “Night of Jinsha”, the famous Singapore band T'ANG QUARTET, the winner of Bartok Awards, has played Jinsha · Seeking Soul; At the “Night of Jinsha × Dancing Exchange and Performance of Chinese and Korean Youth Dancers”, audiences were fascinated by dancers’ superb skills and movements of a great aesthetic appeal; At the “Night of Jinsha×American Country Concert” and the “Night of Jinsha×Munich Philharmonic String Quartet Chamber Concert”, listeners learned about different music’s features: the country music’s close relation with the nature and life, and the stringed music’s grace. Carrying forward its reputation, the “Night of Jinsha” has introduced the high-quality and international public cultural shows for citizens, with interpretation of the exchange between Jinsha culture, Chengdu culture and world culture.