2013 International Museum Day
Release Time:2013-05-11

Building a Smart Museum to Display Jinsha Collections Vividly

—Special activities of the Jinsha Site Museum for May 18 International Museum Day in 2013

On May 18, the International Museum Day of each year, Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum will be opened to the public free of charge, and arrange one-week activities.

The 1st WeChat Guide Applier in Southwestern China

The WeChat Guide Platform of Jinsha Site Museum will be officially launched on the International Museum Day (account No.: CDJSBWG). By sending the number or name of the collection via the WeChat terminal, visitors may have an advanced study of the collection, exhibitions, date of business, and the route to get there in the forms of pictures, texts and languages. Following the account, you will enjoy exclusive and dedicated service.

Museum in Your Mobile-“Scanning” to Learn More

On the same day and from the day forward, the Museum also prepares visitors the activity named “Scanning” to Learn More by affixing a 2D code label on over 20 exquisite collections for scanning and experiencing. Visitors who have installed software supporting 2D code identification on their mobile phone may take a photo of the 2D code via the camera to learn more in the digital encyclopaedia visually, audibly and electronically. On the same day lottery draw is also arranged.

Treasure Hunter or Visitor-Searching for Treasures in Sichuan

The activity “Searching for Treasures in Sichuan” is officially initiated on the Museum Day as an “appetizer” of activities on May 19, the National Tourism Day. The activity is expected to be ended on Nov. 18. Following the theme of “Treasure Hunter or Visitor”, the activity is much more interesting and interactive. It is started by entering the museum via the mobile client of “Seeking for Treasures in Sichuan”, and scanning the 2D codes assigned to the 8 treasure spots. Receiving the request, the system will send a message with which, you may get a surprise at the service desk on 1F!

Besides, a team of 50 volunteer docents has provided services for visitors at 14 points to help visitors with better understandings of the profound background and charms of Jinsha Culture.