2014 International Museum Day
Release Time:2014-05-02

Jinsha, the Bridge of Time, and between You and Me

The May 18 International Museum Day of 2014 focuses on the topic of Museum Collections-the Bridge of Communication. While opened to the public free of charge, the Jinsha Site Museum, by innovative and scientific means, has also created a new channel for appreciating collections and exchanges, and named it “Jinsha, the Bridge of Time, and between You and Me”. The bridge of culture is “erected” in schools and communities to show the exhibitions in a multiple dimensional space.

Gp back to Ming Dynasty to experience the luxurious life of a seignior


In addition to general exhibitions “About Jinsha”, on the International Museum Day, visitors have the free chance to visit “the Gold and Jade Wares—Treasures from Jiangxi Princes’ Tombs of the Ming Dynasty”, on which 137 exhibitions found in the tombs of the Seigniors who have once dominated Jiangxi in Ming Dynasty have showed up.

Also as the first example, a new kind software “My Jewel Case” is released aiming at shortening the distance between ancient relics and the common life so that visitors could appreciate their design and craft skills while exploring the stories behind them, as well as the noble, elegant and poised life of seigniors.

Smart Guide and  Easy Visit


On the 18th day, an intelligent guide terminal was released as a substitute to the traditional auditory guide, which supports functions including smart map, intelligent guide, auditory explanation, e-ticket, technology-based entertainment, business circle service, park information, emergency alarm and rescue, etc. With all functions integrated, it fully satisfies the demands of visitors during their journey.

Visiting the Ancient Shu Kingdom at Home


To better serve those with impaired hearing, the Museum also has uploaded videos for explanation with sign language on its official website and the WeChat account, so that the disabled may visit the museum and understand the history of ancient Shu kingdom at home.

Besides, for the general exhibition “About Jinsha” and the theme exhibition “Gold and Jade Wares, panoramic navigation is provided. Visitors may log in the official website or follow the WeChat account of the Museum for a visit under the panoramic navigation. 

Diversified Means of Interaction for a Dating with Relics



Preaching activities are also held in primary and middle schools of Chengdu City for their students. The contest “Jinsha under the Pen·Ancient Shu in Drawings” Hand-copied Newspaper. On the May 18 International Museum Day, the best works as selected by experts through evaluation are exhibited in the Museum to share with visitors the Jinsha from the perspective of children.

In addition, we have sent excellent explainers to Xigui Plaza and the Dongqu Music Park for preaching and interactivities, to introduce Jinsha to local citizens in the forms of posters with pictures and text, on-site explanation and quiz games.