2016 International Museum Day
Release Time:2016-05-02

May 18, 2016 is the 40th International Museum Day. This year, the ICOM-chosen theme is “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”, hoping to awaken to people the significance of museums in promoting cultural exchange, cultural diversity, mutual understanding, cooperation, and peaceful development.

To welcome International Museum Day, Jinsha Site Museum has prepared a series of colorful cultural activities, including the modern dance performance “Us · Dance in Jinsha”, the plant expo trip “Hello, Earth”, the special exhibition “Vigorous Art on Ancient Pottery: Co-exhibition of Prehistoric Painted Pottery of the Yellow River Valley”, and the public benefit activity “Colorful Museum Publicity Week”, meeting citizens’ cultural demand. In the meantime, on International Museum Day, Jinsha Site Museum will give out free tickets to visitors by their ID cards, encouraging more people to visit the museum and feel its great charm.

As a highlight of the series of events, the work of Sichuan Modern Dance Troupe with Jin Xing as chief art director, “Us · Dance in Jinsha” will debut at Jinsha Site Museum on the evening of International Museum Day.