2016 International Museum Day
Release Time:2016-05-02

Activities Held in Jinsha Site Museum to Celebrate the “May 18 International Museum Day”

To greet the 40th International Museum Day on May 18, 2016, Jinsha Site Museum has prepared some colorful cultural activities including the modern dance “We·Dance in Jinsha”, The Journey of Plants “Hello, World”, the special exhibition “Vigorous Art on Ancient Pottery—Co-exhibition of Prehistoric Painted Pottery of the Yellow River Basin”, the cultural activity for people’s livelihood “Colorful Museum, Week of Popularization”, which, in all, constitute a feast of culture. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Museum also provides free entry to all visitors with their ID card so that the museum is more appreciated.

As a highlight of the activities, Sichuan Modern Dance Troupe, under the supervision of Jin Xing, a famous international dancer, has presented their production We·Dance in Jinsha in the exhibition hall of the museum on the night for the first time.



Moreover, the activity “Hello, World-Scanning to Learn More” is held in the garden area of Jinsha Site Museum as a journey of plants co-sponsored by the Museum and baike.baidu. Designed in the theme of “Beauty of Nature·Funs of Wilderness”, the garden area is covered by green plants at a percentage up to 80%. On both sides of the sightseeing roads, ginkgo, an aged tree species in Sichuan Basin, metasequoia glyptostroboides, Phoebe zhennan S. Lee and other rare plants are also planted, and labeled with a 2D code plate. By following the WeChat account of Jinsha Site Museum, registering as its member and scanning the 2D code, visitors would learn more of the plant, or upload a short video for public welfare to waken up our care to endangered plants and environmental protection.


In addition, free visit to the special exhibition “Vigorous Art on Ancient Pottery—Co-exhibition of Prehistoric Painted Pottery of the Yellow River Basin”, organized in the temporary exhibition hall, is provided to every visitor.

Is that the end? Never! The Museum has also arranged some social education activities titled “Spirit on the Fingertips”, including “So Elegant Potteries” (a painting activity), “Fine Craft Skills” (a pottery making activity), “Painting Like an Angel” (a pottery painting activity), and the “Jinsha Village Pottery Contest” initiated on the WeChat and Weibo of Jinsha Site Museum”. Visitors could experience how a pottery is made and painted in the hand of our ancestors while feel more and go further to their spiritual world and home by participating in those activities.

On the same day, Jinsha Site Museum will also involve itself in the “Colorful Museum, Week of Popularization”, an activity held in Qingyang District, Chengdu City for people’s livelihood, to spread the culture and charms of the Museum in communities, schools and military camps in the forms of picture exhibition.