2016 National Cultural Heritage Day
Release Time:2016-06-03

Citizens will welcome the 11th Cultural Heritage Day on June 11th, 2016. Under the call for assimilating cultural heritage into modern life, Jinsha is launching a series of illuminating events this month to make visitors get an intimate experience with the heritages around them.


On June 11th, China Post will issue a set of two commemorative stamps, with the logo of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage and China Cultural Heritage as each one's central design. The launching ceremony will be held at Jinsha Site Museum in the morning that day.


In 2001, the Sun-and-Immortal-Birds Gold Ornament was unearthed at Jinsha site. It is a remarkable artifact as well as a marvelous expression of the Sun worshipping by the Chinese ancestors. On August 16th, 2005, the Sun-and-Immortal-Birds pattern stood out among more than 1600 others as the main design of China Cultural Heritage logo.


The four soring birds around the sun convey messages of freedom, happiness, and positivity, while the circular shape implies traditional values like unity and harmony.