2016 National Cultural Heritage Day
Release Time:2016-06-03

Cultural Heritage Aflame in Modern Times

—Cultural Heritage Month Activities in Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum

On Jun. 11, 2016, the 11th “Cultural Heritage Day”, a series of rich and colorful “Cultural Heritage Month” activities will be carried out in Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum in response to the theme “Integrating the cultural heritage into modern life”, so that the citizens and visitors will have an intimate contact with Jinsha culture, to feel the cultural heritage all around.

First Issue of Commemorative Stamp  Jinsha always with You

On Jun. 11, China Post will issue “Cultural Heritage Day” commemorative stamps (two pieces in one set), which center on logos of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage and China Cultural Heritage respectively. The issue ceremony of commemorative stamps will be held on the morning of the day in Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum.

The issue ceremony of commemorative stamps will be held in Jinsha Site—the birthplace of logo of China Cultural Heritage. Of great significance, it’s not only the reflection of traditional culture and cultural heritage inheritance, but also corresponds to the theme of “Cultural Heritage Day” this year—“Integrating the cultural heritage into modern life”. The protection of cultural heritage will be deeply rooted among the people along with the issue of commemorative stamps, just as the Sun and Immortal Bird flies higher and farther.

Protection Achievements Show  The Memory of Jinsha Awakened

As a result of non-renewable nature of cultural relics and its unique historical, artistic and scientific research value, the protection of remains and relics is of great concern. To help public understand the protection process of cultural heritage, our museum will hold the “Picture Exhibition of Cultural Heritage Protection in Jinsha Site” in the Relics Hall from Jun. 9 to Jul. 31, introducing the methods and achievements of cultural relic protection when utilizing all kinds of new materials and new technologies.

Birthplace of China Cultural Heritage Logo   Jinsha Sun and Immortal Bird Recounting the Resplendence

On the Cultural Heritage Day in meditation space of the Exhibition Hall, cultural heritage interpreters of our museum will be arranged to explain and publicize the connotation and significance of China Cultural Heritage logo to visitors. Its purpose is to make public further understand the logo of China Cultural Heritage —“Sun and Immortal Bird” Gold Ornament, thus drawing attention to every piece of cultural heritages around and their protection.

Integrating Cultural Heritage into Modern Life via Rich Activities

From Apr. 26 onward, our museum has launched “Vigorous Art on Ancient Pottery—Co-exhibition of Prehistoric Painted Pottery of the Yellow River Basin”. In order to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, we specially designed “Memory” in Pottery—Cultural Heritage Creative and Social Educational Activities, in which children made all kinds of craftwork, decorations, and felt the charm of painted pottery art with their endless imagination.

In addition, our museum will also launch a series of “Cultural Heritage Protection in Community” activities at the end of June. At that time, Jinsha volunteers will walk into communities, publicize the knowledge of cultural heritage protection as a way to enhance the awareness of people to protect cultural heritage.