The Sun Festival of Jinsha, Chengdu 2015 The Way Chengdu People Celebrating the Spring Festival
Release Time:2017-11-09

    At the Sun Festival of Jinsha, Chengdu 2015, the local citizens celebrated the New Year via a journey of space and time in Jinsha Site by following the “Silk Road” decorated with colorful lamps and flowers, and by appreciating shows and delicacies. 

    At the Jinsha Flower Market, a flower sea of almost 1,000m2 was formed with herb trinity, tulip, cymbidium and such other species, while flower rivers and floats in different shapes retained the most visitors. Over 10 flowery houses in Southeastern Asian style and rosy arches on the lawn made themselves another highlight. On the lotus stage, the show in Han costume explained what is the Chinese style while performances with violin and Konghou achieved a mixture of Chinese and western styles.

As another highlight, the “Silk Road Food Festival” was also held, on which, Roti Prata, lamb shashlik from Xinjiang, “Sandapao”, Goubuli stuffed bun, bamboo-cooked rice from Yunnan, fermented bean curd from Changsha, and fried rice cake from the South Korea were on sale. 


    Over 30 lantern groups and LED lamp strings were used to represent the Southern, the Northern and the Maritime Silk Roads. They are respectively named as the “Flowery Jinguan City”, “Wisdom of the Silk Road”, “Style of the Ancient Yunnan”, “Retracing the Southern Silk Road”, “Journey in the Desert” and “Sailing”. Besides, we also found some African styles rarely seen, including the “Vital Africa: Africa Cultural Park” where lanterns of tribal chiefs and warriors based on the African sculptures. 

    This year is also the Year of Goat (Gold), a 60-year return. To celebrate this, a bold attempt was made to combine the patterns on the ancient Shu bronzeware with “ram’s horn” to shape a giant gate lantern of “Gold Goat Coming to Celebrate the New Year” which is traditional and modern. It is a symbol that all visitors could step into the new year with the best blessings. 

    With beautiful lanterns, the journey of the Silk Road started. Every night, the lantern groups of “Retracing the Southern Silk Road” would present 3D Light Show with the charm of science and technology. A 3D roll painting unfolds itself from east to west, gradually showing the map of the Silk Road, which is then replaced by flowers and also the Sun and Immortal Bird, the treasure of the Jinsha Site Museum and the logo of China cultural heritage…