2018 National Cultural Heritage Day
Release Time:2020-11-05

Subsequent to the International Museum Day, citizens in Chengdu will usher in another free admission day across major museums on June 6 – the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. The free admission day happens to fall on a Saturday. Many citizens have conducted detailed research on how to get the most from museum visits on the weekend. As a response to occasion, Jinsha Site Museum will launch two heavyweight exhibitions, namely, the first archaeological achievement exhibition in Chengdu and the “Exploring Jinsha” social educational campaign, to showcase the harmonious coexistence of cultural and natural heritage in Jinsha to citizens in a holistic fashion.

Archaeology in Chengdu – Archaeological processes and achievements are equally appealing

On the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the Jinsha Site Museum will host Archaeology in Chengdu: Chengdu Archaeological Achievement Exhibition in the New Century. For the first time, the exhibition will showcase more than 300 pieces/sets of cultural relics unearthed from the most important archaeological sites in Chengdu during the 21st century, including boat-coffin burial sites at Chengdu Commercial Street, the Han dynasty tomb of Laoguanshan, the neighborhood site of Tang and Song dynasties at Jiangnanguan Street. These cultural relics span a period of about 4,000 years. Among the numerous exhibits are the largest and most complete lacquer bed that has been unearthed in China and the bronze spear on which the earliest inscription of “Chengdu” was found. It will be the first time for these historical relics to be exhibited in front of the audience after taken out of the restoration room.