Discovery. Zhongshan State

Exhibition Time: 2019-07-25

Hosted by: Jinsha Site Museum

Zhongshan (Chinese 中山)was a small state that existed during the Warring States period, which managed to survive for almost 120 years despite its small size.

In the special exhibition Discovery. Zhongshan State, we have selected 132 pieces/sets of artifacts found in the ruins of the Zhongshan state. Audience will learn the story of how Zhongshan grew from a small state to a strong one which stood next to the 7 most powerful states in the Warring period. The exhibition is divided into four parts: the Origin, War, State, and Communication.

The exhibition wiill last until Oct 27th.

Relics Appreciation

Stone Liubo chessboard

Jade Jue pendant

White jade dragon shaped Pei pendant

Funeral Jade

Polished black pottery Yan steamer with a scratched design

Bronze lamp

Bronze Hu flask

Bone Suanchou counting rods