The Mystery of the Ancient Shu Kingdom: Cultural Relics Unearthed at Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site Opened in Ordos Bronzeware Museum

Release Time:2017-06-10

At 10 a.m. of Mar. 28, 2017 in Ordos Bronzeware Museum, “The Mystery of the Ancient Shu Kingdom – Cultural Relics Unearthed at Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site” co-sponsored by Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, Sanxingdui Museum of Guanghan and Ordos Bronzeware Museum was opened. Peng Yuejin, the deputy curator of our museum, was invited to the opening ceremony.


Just finishing the display in Zhejiang Zhoushan Museum, the exhibition finally arrived at Ordos Bronzeware Museum on Mar. 21. Our museum arranged two professional staffs to assist the exhibition preparation work. The moment the cultural relics arrived, the two staffs carefully tallied, photographed and recorded them. With the safety of cultural relics always put first, they proposed reasonable suggestions on layout of cultural relics, and had been always engaged in the exhibition arrangement. After three-day hard work, the exhibition was prepared well finally.


The exhibition contains four parts including “Preface – Overview of the Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site”, “Stars Moving around the Moon – Rare Treasure of the Ancient Shu Temple of Sanxingdui”, “Floating Gloss in Jinsha – Ancient Shu Sacrificial Objects in Jinsha” and “Worldwide Renowned – Huge Influence of Sanxingdui and Jinsha”, mainly displaying bronzeware, jadeware and stoneware, also some goldware and earthenware in various types of figure, animal, eye-shape ware, jade and stone sacrificial vessel and gold ornament, etc. A total of 137 pieces/sets of cultural relics are displayed in the exhibition, including 69 pieces (sets) rated Class One at National Level. A batch of major vessels such as the Sun and Immortal Bird Gold Ornament, the Gold Human’s Mask, the Gold Belt with Fish Pattern from our museum and the Bronze Mask of Extruding Eyes with Crown and the Bronze Standing Figure from Sanxingdui Site Museum could bring strong visual shock to the audience. These outstanding masterpieces with strong artistic individuality and distinctive “man and God” features have vividly reflected the myth and world outlook of “intercommunication between man and God” and “harmony between man and nature” of ancient Shu people, showing a colorful ancient Shu society to the Ordos citizens with the interpretation of the ancient Shu civilization.

 The exhibition lasts from Mar. 28 to Jun. 15. To build up understanding for the exhibits of audience, special interpreters are manned every day in Ordos Bronzeware Museum. Besides, a series of colorful publicity and education activities will also be carried out in company with the exhibition.