Pictures and Multimedia Exhibition of “The Light of Ancient Shu Civilization” of Mayan Cultural Festival

Release Time:2018-07-10

At the invitation of Executive Chairman, George Emma, on the 6th International Mayan Cultural Festival held in Merida, Mexico from October 19 to November 5, “the Light of Ancient Shu Civilization” the picture and multimedia exhibition of unearthed cultural relics from Sanxingdui and Jinsha Sites, jointly held by Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum and Mexico Yucatan Peninsula Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, will be exhibited in Southern University of Merida, Mexico.


Themed as “the Dialogue between Ancient Shu Civilization and Mayan Civilization”, this exhibition displayed cultural relics and pictures of historic sites with unique regional and cultural characteristics of ancient Shu civilization. A close ancient Shu “CP”, Xiaojin and Duidui will give a group exhibition to spread the ancient civilization of the Chengdu Plain to foreign friends. The beautiful pictures of cultural relics including the Bronze Giant Standing Man and the Gold Wand from Duizhu’s home, the “Sun Bird ” gold ornament and the Gold Masks from Xiaojin’s home will be displayed on the Mayan Cultural Festival. Moreover, in order to provide more real visiting experience to the audiences, we utilize the AR and VR technologies to display the 3D images of cultural relics and the forming process of sites.


International Mayan Cultural Festival, as one of the most important festivals in Yucatan State, Mexico with activities on different cultural themes in each session, has been held for 6 sessions continuously. The theme of this year is Mayan astronomy and earth protection. During the festival, besides special exhibitions, the intimately interactive activities with citizens in the whole Merida, such as varieties of concerts, grand parades and special lectures, have been widely acclaimed by local citizens and international tourists.