Seeking Mysterious Ancient Shu Will Show up in Bincheng city

Release Time:2016-04-15

On April 19th, 2016, a set of 137 pieces/sets of relics from Sanxingdui and Jinsha arrived at the Contemporary Museum of Da'lian(also named Bincheng), following their display at the Yangzte River Civilization Museum of Wuhan. Step by step, staff members began to prepare the necessary work. The first step is to dismantle the boxes. With the help of a professional freight service company, these cultural relics were examined and photographed while details were carefully recorded on paper; the next step is to place the relics in the proper position with reinforced measures to hold them.  Last but not least, everything was fine-tuned to present these invaluable artifacts in the best light.



Displayed exhibits are mainly comprised of bronze ware and jades, in addition to a small quantity of goldware and pottery. Their numerous outlooks resembling human figures, animals, and eyes not only represent the distinctive craftsmanship of the ancient Shu people; but also highlight the mysterious religion. Jinsha has sent various representative artifacts reflecting ancient beliefs to the exhibition such as the bronze bird, four-node jade cong vessel, frog-shape gold foil, stone chime, and etc.

The exhibition will last 3 months and end on July 24th. Visitors will have multiple ways to participate in the cultural feast such as scanning QR code for extensive information about artifacts and joining in an academic seminar. On the day of the opening ceremony, deputy director of Jinsha Site Museum Mr. Zhangyi Zhu gave an open speech on the topics of archaeological findings and characteristics of unearthed relics in some of the most important sites around Chengdu such as Baodun, Sanxingdui, and Jinsha. Using plain language, Zhu explained the complex and close relationship between Sanxingdui and Jinsha. The event attracted more than 300 audiences on the locale.