“Exploring the Mysterious Ancient Shu: Cultural Relics Unearthed at Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site” Showing Up in Bincheng City

Release Time:2016-04-15

Following the Wuhan Changjiang Civilization Museum in Hubei, Dalian, the beautiful seaside city soon becomes the second destination of “Exploring the Mysterious Ancient Shu –Cultural Relics Unearthed at Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site”. On Apr. 19, 2016, 137 sets/pieces of cultural relics from Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site arrived at Dalian Modern Museum. Our museum sent professional staff to participate in the exhibition preparation work and they immediately began the intensive work as soon as the cultural relics arrived. First, unpacking. The staff carefully tallied, checked, photographed and recorded the cultural relics under the help of professional transport team; then, cultural relics information check. The cultural relics were placed to appropriate position and underwent reinforcement treatment under the premise of ensuring their safety; finally, the exhibits and furniture adjustment.

The exhibition contains three parts including “Preface – Overview of the Sanxingdui and Jinsha Sites”, “Stars Moving around the Moon – Rare Treasure of the Ancient Shu Temple of Sanxingdui” and “Treasures in Floating Gloss – Ancient Shu Sacrificial Objects in Jinsha”, mainly displaying bronze ware, jade ware and stoneware, also some gold ware, copper ware and earthenware in various types of figure, animal, eye-shape ware and jade and stone sacrificial vessel. These cultural relics not only highlight the characteristics of ancient Shu people in culture, aesthetic and production technique, but also serve as the epitome of the religious belief of ancient Shu Kingdom. Through the representative wares like the Gold Human’s Mask, the Gold Frog, the Gold Belt with Fish Pattern, the Jade Cong of Four Sections, the Bronze Bird, the Stone Knee Sitting Figure, the Resonator from our museum, the myth and universe concept of ancient Shu people said “psychic interconnection between man and god”, “harmony between heaven and human” are vividly reflected, and a colorful and lifesome ancient Shu society can be reproduced.

The 3-month exhibition will last until Jul. 24. During the exhibition, visitors could participate in it through closely watching the exhibits, and many other forms such as video, WeChat code scanning and academic lectures listening. On the opening day, the executive deputy curator of our museum Zhu Zhangyi specially gave an academic lecture, “The Mystery of Ancient Shu Civilization – Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site”, briefly but deeply introducing the times and nature of Sanxingdui and Jinsha Sites and the relationship between them by describing several important archaeological discoveries and typical unearthed wares at upper reaches of the Minjiang River, Sanxingdui and Jinsha Sites and of Baodun Culture. Almost three hundred audiences attended the lecture, where they can have a more profound absorption and understanding about the ancient Shu culture while enjoying the exhibition.


 The academic lecture The Mystery of Ancient Shu Civilization – Sanxingdui Site and Jinsha Site


A level-1 interpreter from Jinsha is explaining in exhibition hall