Highlights of the 2019 Jinsha Sun Festival

Release Time:2019-01-18

As the Chinese New Year draws close, the annual Jinsha Sun Festival is going to be held in Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum soon. After the past several festivals focusing on world-cultural themes like ancient Rome and Egypt, and Pompeii, this year’s event will be constructed upon the Mayan civilization from Mesoamerica, with which Jinsha has formed an indissoluble bond. During the Sun Festival, visitors will be welcomed with festoon lights, various performances, themed exhibitions, beautiful garden landscapes, etc.

The origin: Similarities between ancient Shu and Maya

Though thousands of miles apart, the ancient Shu and Maya have many things in common. They both stood in awe of nature and conceived everything has having supernatural powers. Moreover, they both placed high significance on sacrificial ceremonies and offered countless sacred offerings to their ancestors and gods. They worshipped the sun and trees and had created exquisite artifacts in such themes.


Recently, Jinsha Site Museum has signed a MoU with researcher Mr. Jose Guadalupe Huchim Herrera from INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia).He agreed with the above opinions and claimed, "I am astonished that there are so many similarities between the two faraway cultures. They are just like two parallel cultures. Jinsha site can be seen as a paradise for human history and culture. This year's Jinsha Sun Festival will focus on the similarities in universal views and religious beliefs between the two ancient cultures and will showcase their splendor in a variety of forms.


Themed exhibition: Forces of Nature-Ancient Maya Arts from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Design of the Jinsha Flower Garden


Design of Festoon Lights