“5.18”International Museum Day Free Visit to Jinsha Museum

Release Time:2008-05-20

On the afternoon of May 12, a terrible earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck Wenchuan. Chengdu and surrounding areas felt strongly. At 16:00 after the earthquake, in consideration of the safety of visitors and cultural relics, Jinsha Site Museum announced a temporary close. At the same time, leaders of the Museum showed up for arrangement, including a detailed inspection and evaluation on buildings, exhibits and cultural relics in the Museum and organization of experts and technical forces to repair any damaged building or exhibits; on the other hand, a staff mobilization meeting was convoked, on which, key information on earthquake relief was learned by many encouraging cases. All staffs were required to stick to their posts and support the work with their actions. All party members shall wage an arduous struggle and act as a model or a pioneer. All cadres were expected to devote themselves to work in a good way so that the Museum was capable to provide visitors at home and abroad with high-quality services. 


As of May 17, Jinsha Site Museum was well prepared for its re-opening. In line with arrangement from upper authorities, Jinsha Site Museum was reopened on May 18, the International Museum Day. 


For the purpose of serving the mass and giving full play to the functions of a museum for public welfare, Jinsha Site Museum initiated a free visit on May 18 so that citizens in Chengdu, despite of the heavy disaster, could still have the chance to appreciate the mysterious ancient Shu culture 3,000 years ago. According to statistics, 7,147 visitors were received on that day. A money-box was placed at the south gate, east gate, tourist center and general information desk as a way to appeal all visitors showing their care to those in misery and determination of tiding over the difficulties. Thankfully most visitors have acted kindly and generously. “When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters; no matter how brutal the natural disaster is, we human beings are still affectionate” now turns to a highlight of Jinsha Site Museum. All cadres of the Museum have stuck to their posts against the most destructive earthquake since foundation of China and endless aftershocks. They all wished that they could contribute even a little to the post-earthquake relief by doing their job better. Once a non-local aged madam said when seeing the young explainers dressed neatly and working with full spirit that: “they are just as young as my little granddaughter. They work so late and so persistently to serve us, good job! I’m really touched.” In front of the ruthless disaster, Jinsha Site Museum has assumed its social responsibilities which are a part of the personality that a civilized city, a historical and cultural renown city should have.