2019 Mexican Style Jinsha Flower Garden

Release Time:2019-02-10

The well-known Jinsha Sun Festival is a cultural event that combines a world civilization with ancient Shu culture each year. After past ones that successfully showcased themes such as African sculpture, ancient Rome, and the city of Pompeii, this year visitors will find themselves surrounded by the treasures of the Maya world from Mesoamerica.  As one of the highlights of the grand show, Jinsha Flower Garden gives visitors a rich and exotic experience of Mexican customs. The garden integrates elements from Mexican arts, histories, cultures, and natural landscapes in an innovative and fashionable manner. Let's take a look at some of them.


The Maya-style archway denotes time-travel theme


A portrait of Maya priest made from flower pedals


The commonly seen cactus land represents the natural landscape of Mexico 


Inspirations from traditional Mexican weaving craftmanship


Lotus was a common theme in ancient Maya artifacts which represents the underworld