Over 240 rounds of Wonderful Performances in Jinsha Sun Festival

Release Time:2019-02-10

There are over 240 rounds of performances during the 2019 Jinsha Sun Festival, each of which gives visitors a pleasurable and memorable time.

Love for the city of Tian'fu


Ever since ancient times, people have been eulogizing the beauty of the Tianfu city, which is the nickname of Chengdu meaning the city of abundance. On the main stage, ten brightly-dressed performers danced to extol the good times. With the images of Chengdu's landmarks flashing by on the background screen, the cultural and historical beauty of the city was lavishly presented.


Hot samba dances not only create an exotic environment but also brings passion to the hearts of the audience in the cold winter.


Other performances include aerobatics, live interactions, traditional Chinese operas, and live dramas. These shows are presented on scheduled time every morning, afternoon, and night during the event.