2015 Years of International Tourism Held in Beijing, Jinsha awarded Tourism “Oscar”

Release Time:2017-11-02

    2015 Years of International Tourism with the theme of “Cultural Integration of the East and West, Development Motivated by Innovation” was held in Beijing on January, 11. At the meeting Jinsha Site Museum was the only museum in China that won the ELITES award for best site museum.


    The ELITES award, the international highest award is given to enterprises and entrepreneurs that make outstanding contributions to the international tourism (tourism city, scenic spot, hotel, travel agency, catering, tourism real estate, tourism investment, tourism economy, and tourism press). The review committee of this award consists of well-known experts in tourism, government officials, and elites in the press worldwide. With the coordination of professionals’ and journalists’ field survey, the committee makes professional judgments on the international tourism from various perspectives and in an all-round way, and offers authoritative guidelines for these industries’ development. This award is regarded as the “Oscar” in tourism.


    Jinsha Site Museum is one of the tourists’ favorite museums. There are fine relics like the Gold-leaf Sun Bird and the mysterious gold mask. The design of the exhibition in the museum is unique with a sense of mysterious beauty. Birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance, forming a beautiful view. The museum itself is also very beautiful with elegant lines and a sustainable design. In 2014 Jinsha Site Museum ranked on the list of 2014 Top 10 Travelers’ Choice in China which was issued by the largest and world’s most popular trip community TripAdvisor, on the list of 2014 Top 10 Best Museums in China issued by Ctrip, and on the list of Top 10 Scenic Spots on the Southern Silk Road. At the beginning of 2015, winning the best site museum award means that Jinsha Site Museum is realizing its dream, i.e. letting more people approach Jinsha and the world know about Jinsha. 

    PS: The International Tourism Federation was founded in 1967 initiated by the Dean of French Overseas Academy of Sciences under the supervision of the General De Gaulle. This influential international tourism organization is headquartered in Paris with branches and offices in 32 countries across Europe, Americas and Asia.