Exhibition Discovery: Zhongshan State

Release Time:2019-10-17

Venue: Jinsha Site Museum, No.2 Jinsha Site Rd., Chengdu

Date: Jul. 25-Oct.27, 2019

Ticket: RMB 70/person


Zhongshan, known as a state with a thousand chariots during the Warring States period (B.C. 475-B.C. 221), was founded by the Xianyu people of the nomadic Beidi tribe in northern China. At its peak, it kept checks and balances between powers such as Yan, Zhao and Qi. It went through two collapses and three recoveries. Zhongshan people were keen on hunting and wars as the state had nine thousand chariots. Living an extravagant life, they were fond of drinking and gaming. Moreover, they had elegant Chinese characters and enjoyed a high level of aesthetic appreciation.

At the exhibition, 132 groups pf 227 cultural relics unearthed from the site of Zhongshan are displayed, such as three representative items of the state including an iron foot bronze tripod, and both a round and  square copper pot, as well as s silver-inlaid copper mythical animal and stone chessboard. Based on the archaeological findings and historical documents, the exhibition demonstrates the ups and downs of Zhongshan from four dimensions including its origins, wars, capitals and cultural exchange.