Gathering and Edition Group of Chinese National Geography Came to Jinsha Site Museum for Report Materials

Release Time:2017-11-02

    The writer of Chinese National Geography Xiao Yi, photographer Yuan Rongsun and their colleagues came to Jinsha Site Museum to gather materials for the feature of Jinsha Site on Jul. 24.

    Xiao Yi has some knowledge of Shu culture and Jinsha culture and he has published several works related to Jinsha culture such as the Aside of Ancient Shu, and Jinsha, etc. This time they explored more about the site’s excavation and its current condition, gathered and took a huge number of pictures of this site, for the preparation of its feature about Jinsha site.

    Chinese National Geography is a monthly magazine sponsored by the Geographical Society of China and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS with an annual circulation of 80,000. The magazine focuses on delivering astronomical, biological, historical and archeological concepts and the articles and pictures printed are usually reposted by the media of both central and local governments.