Jinsha Site in National Top 100 Level-1 Museums Highest Honor to the Protector of the Sun Bird

Release Time:2012-12-07

On Dec. 7, 2012, A Notice on Announcement of the National Level-1 Museums of the 2nd Batch (WWBH (2012) No. 2237) was posted on the website of State Administration of Cultural Heritage, in which, 17 museums were listed, including Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum which, following the National AAAA Tourist Attraction, National Archaeological Site Park of the 1st Batch and other awards, obtained the highest honor of Chinese museums.

Jinsha Applying for National Level-1 Museum 

To be named a National Level-1 Museum, the highest ranking in this circle, a museum shall accept a comprehensive discussion and evaluation by the National Museum Evaluation Committee set up by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The evaluation shall cover comprehensive management and infrastructure, collection management and scientific research, display, exhibition and social services, each part assigned with scores. In 2008, the evaluation was started, in which, Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum and Wu Hou Shrine Museum were qualified and listed in the 83 National Level-1 Museums in the first batch, while Jinsha Site Museum missed the chance for the moment because of its short history. 

In June 2012, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage released the Notice on the Ranking and Evaluation of National Level-1 Museums of the Second Batch, which may last from July to November. It is understood that 104 museums were engaged in the competition. To make sure a success, early in October 2011, Jinsha Site Museum set up a dedicated group for application, which was responsible for equipment and facilities optimization, promotion in academic research and service level in line with Evaluation Rules of National Level-1 Museum and Evaluation Indicator System of National Level-1 Museum. So many efforts were finally backed by the provincial department of cultural relics and the Museum was recommended to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage as a candidate. Finally, only 17 museums passed the evaluation and recommendation of the National Museum Evaluation Committee and the preliminary review of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum covered. On Sep. 23, an evaluation group, consisting of 3 experts, was dispatched by Chinese Museums Association to look through the Museum on site. The beautiful environment, organic combination of site protection and exhibition, strong brand awareness and rich products of culture and creativity have left a profound impression on them. On Nov. 1, good news came that Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum was covered in the 17 National Level-1 Museum Candidates according to the Announcement of State Administration of Cultural Heritage on the 17 New National Level-1 Museums on its website. Whereafter, the Chinese Museums Association made its conclusion based on the initial evaluation and announcement, and reported to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for approval and selection.

A Change for A Time-honored Title 

The title of National Level-1 Museum represents a higher level of museum development in China and plays a key role in museum construction and development. As of the end of 2009, there were 83 museums at national level 1, 171 at level 2 and 288 at level 3. Reportedly, the evaluation of National Level-1 Museum is carried out every three years with strict requirements. It is of great possibility that those candidates who are only satisfy with its current achievements without consideration on future development may fail in the evaluation, so all candidates for National Level-1 Museum are prepared for any eventualities and competition. To hold onto the time-honored title, Jinsha Site Museum experienced a hard time with external assistance. Quality and predominant spiritual products and people-oriented services are always its first consideration for the public. 

Promotion in Basic Exhibition Quality 

While applying for the title, the Museum has begun with the optimization of basic exhibition-About Jinsha. Reconstruction and optimization plans were developed for the Hall of Relics, Exhibition Halls #1, 2 and 5, and the multimedia exhibition. With the chariot – horse pit in the original temporary exhibition hall relocated to the Exhibition Hall #5, the local exhibition optimization of the hall was completed, including some adjustments to its posters and layout. It is expected that in 2013, directional inquiry system device will be installed in the Exhibition Hall #1, sand table model in Exhibition Hall #2 while the Exhibition Hall #5 and the Hall of Relics will be optimized in multimedia display to further enrich the content, improve technology content and maintain the exhibition quality of Jinsha Site Museum. In the same year, 2 to 3 key exhibitions on cultural relics will be held by forms of introduction or cooperation with other parties. Currently, cooperation is established with Liangzhu Museum and Hangzhou Yuhang Museum on the preparation of Life at the Tail of the Yangtze River—Exhibition on Liangzhu Civilization and the edition of an antique catalog. The exhibition will be grandly held in Jinsha Site Museum from January to April in 2013. 

Acceleration in Culture and Creativity Industry 

By unceasingly supplementing, optimizing and perfecting social services and functional supporting, Jinsha Site Museum is in its metamorphosis from a traditional museum; the successful convention of “Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival” for 4 sessions created citizens and visitors a feast of culture during the Spring Festival. Now the “Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival 2013” is just around the corner, bringing more warmth to the city in winter; Jinsha, the first music theater original in China, was presented as a live show at the Jinsha Theater by the northwest corner. Through times of revision, citizens and visitors are refreshed; to fulfill visitors’ wish to “bring the museum home”, the Museum kept on enriching and innovation in categories of Jinsha culture souvenirs. On Oct. 28, the 1st Awarding Ceremony of “National Museum Culture Products Creative Design Recommendations” was held in Beijing grandly, on which, the Bronze Medal went to Jinsha Special Lacquer Set from Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, and other entries including the Jinsha Ornamental Set of Curved Clouds and Resplendent Jinsha won the Excellent Award and Jinsha Stationary Set the Nominated Memorial Award. In 2013, Jinsha Art Center was officially in operation as a supporting project to popularize Jinsha culture by cultural relics exhibition, art exhibition and cultural salon. 

Intensification in Brand Marketing 

Jinsha Culture is one of the three culture brands of Chengdu City while Jinsha Site is protector of its core element in logo-the “Sun Bird” and the birthplace of the logo of China Cultural Heritage. In addition to close cooperation with media and travel agencies, the Museum constructed its official website for online marketing in line with development of the age. Now the website has been updated and opened, targeting at an image display platform of Jinsha Site Museum and an information platform of Ancient Shu history and archaeology in Sichuan. Being international in visual effect, the Museum also added functions like online ticketing and one-button share. In 2013, the Museum started its online marketing from its website, Microblog account and famous portal websites. Also it established a research group on Studies of the Influence of Jinsha Site Construction on Economy and Society in partnership with the City Public Environment Arts Association of Chengdu, Sichuan Classical Architecture and Garden Design Institute, and Chengdu Landscape Architecture Design Institute for the purpose of landscape design optimization, visual discrimination improvement and Jinsha culture brand popularity enlargement. 

It is a pride that Jinsha Site Museum is selected as a National Level-1 Museum in Chengdu cultural expo circle. Given its rareness and competitiveness, the Museum will keep on operating according to evaluation rules by strengthening any weak point, level in display, exhibition and social education, so as to guarantee the interests of visitors and win their trust in a practical way, so that the time-honored title will shine in Jinsha Site Museum. Reportedly, in addition to Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, Sichuan Museum is also granted the title and ranks in the Top 100.