Important Notice on Re-opening of Jinsha Site Museum

Release Time:2020-03-29

Dear Tourists,

Jinsha Site Museum decided to fully open to the public since March. 31th, 2020. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Opening Hours

The museum opens from 09:00am - 18:00pm (last entrance at 17:00pm);

closed every Monday (except statutory holidays).

II. Opening Areas

Except for the 4D cinema, all public areas in the museum will open for tourists

III. Access Methods

(I) The museum will implement a real-name online booking system. Visitors can follow the Official WeChat Account of the museum or search “金沙遗址电子票” in WeChat to purchase tickets and book in advance.

(II) To enter the museum, visitors are suggested to wear a face mask, present valid ID and health certificates such as the health code, and cooperate with the staff to take a temperature measurement and real-name registration. 

IV. Notices During the Tour

(I) Tourist guide services will be suspended. Visitors can follow the Official Wechat account of Jinsha Site Museum to use the audio guide or download the “金沙智慧导览” App to use the free online guide. Visitors may also rent an audio guide device at the reception desk of the Tourist Center.

(II) Upon entrance into the museum, it is prohibited to assemble or gather together. During the tour, visitors shall keep a distance from others to avoid gathering. 

(III) Upon entrance into the museum, visitors shall conduct the tour in a civilized way and actively cooperate with the staff members in the daily disinfection, cleaning and maintenance of the exhibition hall and public areas and the diversion of densely populated areas.

V. Contacts

Museum inquiry/complaint: 028-87303522

Museum alarm/rescue: 028-87303534 028-87303513

Museum ticketing inquiry: 028-87303555


Visitors can get more information from the official website, Official WeChat Account or Weibo of Jinsha Site Museum. Thank you for your support, understanding and cooperation.


Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum

                                  March 29, 2020