Arabic Envoys Visited the Jinsha Site Museum

Release Time:2017-10-24

    On Oct. 7, 2008, diplomatic envoys from 22 Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman and other and the diplomatic corps of League of Arab States in China visited the Jinsha Site Museum, accompanied by Zhai Juan, the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mao Zhixiong, the Secretary-General of Chengdu Municipal Government. Li Liancheng, Deputy inspector of Chengdu Municipal Cultural Bureau, Leng Ailing, Secretary of Chengdu Museum (Brigade and Institute), and Zhu Zhangyi, Deputy Curator of the Jinsha Site Museum, also accompanied them during the visit.


    This was the first time after 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake that foreign envoys had come to visit the Jinsha Site Museum, which would help to reshape the tourism image of Chengdu and restore its tourism confidence.

    The envoys of the Arabic States, accompanied by staff members, visited the Hall of Relics and the Exhibition Hall. During the tour, the Arabic envoys in China showed great interest to the Jinsha Site Museum. In the Exhibition Hall# 1, the envoys stopped to enjoy the semi-scene painting of the natural landscape of the Chengdu Plain 3000 years ago, praising modern technology, appreciating the ancient scenery and at the same time posing to a group photo. And in the Exhibition Hall # 4, the envoys marveled at display of the gold ornament “Sun Bird” and the gold mask, agreeing that these exquisite cultural relics were not only a symbol of Chinese brilliant culture, but also an indispensable part of world culture.

    Then, the envoys also watched the 4D film with unique style of the Jinsha Site. The vivid sensory effects and the wonderful historical legend showed by the film won unanimous praises from the envoys. They spoke highly of the hard work and great efforts by the museum staff in the restoration of history and the show of the civilization and were thankful to the Jinsha Site Museum for bringing the visual enjoyment and cultural feast to everyone.


    After the visit, the envoys gave a high degree of appreciation to the visit, thinking that the Jinsha Site Museum left them a deep impression, whether from the architectural style, exhibition layout and service level, or collection of cultural relic and it was a first-class museum. They also pointed out that as a place to protect and display the treasures of Chinese civilization, the Jinsha Site Museum has witnessed the course of human development and provided a rare opportunity to the heritage of civilizations. 

    The Jinsha Site Museum was grateful to the Arabic countries for their selfless assistance and support for the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan after the "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake", and was also honored to be the first stop for the Arabic envoys’ "Thanksgiving Tour" invited by Chengdu, Sichuan. After receiving the praises from the Arabic envoys, the Jinsha Site Museum said that in the future, it will further protect and promote the Jinsha site—the cultural heritage of all mankind, and constantly improve the museum's software and hardware services, further enhancing the museum services level, strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, establishing a good image as the city card and making the Jinsha Site Museum a first-class in China, the most advanced museum in the world.