Online Show of “Jadeware” from Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan Sun Bird Flying to the World

Release Time:2017-10-25

    On Sep. 4, 2014, the Museum attended the “Unveiling Ceremony of New Chinese Partners and Works of Google Cultural Institute in Beijing. 9 partners were invited and more than 1,400 works and 48 online exhibitions were uploaded. It is one of the largest presentations of the Institute since its foundation in Asia. 


Exhibition Area of Jinsha Site Museum 

    As the first museum in depth cooperation with Google Cultural Institute in Chinese Mainland, Jinsha Site Museum arranged an online exhibition “Jadeware” with over 30 jadewares unearthed at the Jinsha Site. Those jadewares classified in three ways: sacrifice, identity and ritual, ornamentation, vividly showed the visitors the charm of Jinsha Culture in a form of dynamic, updating and special exhibition. 

    The Google Cultural Institute is a global online platform that includes art programs, historic moments and world wonders. Through cooperation with a number of prestigious art institutions around the world, the Plan intends to provide global users, including China, a more modern way to enjoy the works of art, to view every detail through its unique technology. They could tour the Museum without leaving home. "There are a lot of precious collections, such as the Sun Bird, which has been listed as a prohibited cultural relic by the National Heritage Bureau," said Qin Qing, the deputy director of the Publicity and Marketing Department of the Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu. We also provided an international platform to let the Sun Bird flying to the world so that the treasures of Chinese culture and art win more understanding. "At the same time, the Museum also shared the stories behind the discovery, excavation, protection and exhibition of the Jinsha Site with those on site, made an introduction to the “Sun Bird”; the most complete Gold Mask from Shang and Zhou period; the Bronze Standing Figure showing an ancient wizard practicing his magic power; and the Jade Cong of Ten Sections, a key evidence showing the exchange between Jinsha and the surrounding cultures. 


Exhibitions of Jinsha Site Museum

    Mr. Amit Sood, the director of the Art Institute of the Google Cultural Institute and the founder of the Art Program, visited the site and announced the official launch of the new partners and works in China, and made a special presentation form the cultural relics from Chengdu Jinsha Ruins Museum, 360° panoramic tour and new on-line exhibitions.

From now on, the Google Cultural Institute will host a week-long "Google Cultural Institute Experience Week" in the Google Beijing office building to showcase museums and art galleries through various display terminals and somatosensory interactive devices. All media and partners can enjoy a variety of precious collections here, while through the body interactive devices, they “set foot” on the Jinsha Site.