Major Hongkong and Macao Media in Jinsha Seeking for the Origin of the Silk Road

Release Time:2017-11-02


    On the afternoon of Aug. 26, 2015, a delegation of major media from Hongkong and Macao, including CTETV (HK CABLE), HKSTV, LTV and Review Asia, visited the Jinsha Site Museum as invited by the Propaganda Office of Chengdu Municipal Committee of CPC. To have a better understanding on the key role of Chengdu in the “Ancient Silk Road”, Wang Yi, the curator, was interviewed in consideration of the “Belt & Road” national strategy. The interview was aimed at further understanding and publicizing Chengdu as a modern international metropolis and its highlights in social and economic development so as to improve its reputation and influence overseas. 

    Wang began his introduction to Chengdu and its Shu brocade which was brought to the world along the Silk Road and drove forward the exchange trend of the Orient and the West with the four jacquard looms unearthed at the Laoguanshan Han Tombs of Chengdu. He said: “the Silk Road has crossed the entire Eurasia. Silk, as a special trade commodity, is its most important carrier while Shu Brocade provides an important support.” As one of the cities with access to international market, Chengdu is supported by the developed industry, commerce and handicraft as well as its spirit of openness and tolerance. 

Laoguanshan Han Tombs 

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