African Exquisite Carving Art Exhibition Opened in Jinsha

Release Time:2017-11-01

    On Feb. 12, Dancing with the Gods-African Exquisite Carving Art Exhibition was opened in the Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum with 190 exhibits to show visitors the real Africa. 

    Tobacco pipes, seat for the cacique, statues of ancestors and masks…The whole exhibition focused on wooden sculptures including daily life articles, power symbols, worship to idols and Divine Focuses to show visitors the unique and mysterious African art. During the exhibition, a series of social education activities titled “Funny” will be organized and cover the mask painting and learning to beat an African drum. 

    The exhibition was introduced as a key part of “Jinsha Sun Festival 2015” to be opened on Feb. 17. This session will focus on the “Silk Road”. In addition to lanterns and programs, 3D light shows will be presented every night. A flower sea of herb trinity and tulip, almost 1,000m2, is waiting for you.