World Enterprise Leaders in Jinsha for the “Global Mentoring Walk 2012”

Release Time:2017-10-31

    On the afternoon of Dec. 14, 2012, Jinsha Site Museum, known as the culture vein of Chengdu, ushered in the “Global Mentoring Walk2012”. A global mentoring team consisting of some 30 world enterprise managers, including Shi Liwei, the executive director of World Economic Forum in China domestic noted enterprisers and celebrities, and a local mentoring team with 30 members from the Joint Committee on Youth. Their gathering in Chengdu is to experience the unique charm of Jinsha Culture. This is the first honor of Jinsha Site Museum to hold such an event. 

    The Mentoring Walk is a regular program organized by Vital Voices Global for the whole world, which invites noted leaders as mentors for a walk with participants outside. It produces a bridge between them to discuss problems in work and share success experience. Since 2008, the program has benefited teenagers from more than 10 countries with global influence. 

    As a warm-up activity of the “Fortune Global Forum 2013”, its first visit in Chengdu, China from Dec. 14 to 15, 2012, without double, initiated a new dialogue between the local teenagers and the world. “World Mentoring Walk 2012” as sponsored by Chengdu Youth Federation, Vital Voices Global Partnership and Global Shapers Community designated Jinsha Site Museum as its only outdoor range for its three identities: the top 3 local cultural brands, birthplace of “Sun Bird” (a core element of the city’s image) and a land mark of the local history and culture. 

    The 2-day program invited following figures to be its mentors: Mr. Shi Liwei, the executive director of Global Economic Forum in China, Mr. Yang Chao, the president of Dell in China, Mr. Liu Yonghao, the chairman of New Hope Group, Mr. Wu Jian, the GM of Dupont USA in China, Mr. Deng Feng, the chairman of Northern Light Venture Capital, Mr. Fan Min, the chairman of CTRIP, Mr. Zhou Hongwei, the chairman of Qihoo 360, Ms. Zhang Huaying, the vice president of sustainable development of Coco Cola in China and Korea, Mr. Sun Yan, the global partner of EZI, Ms. Yu Dan, the professor of Beijing Normal University, and Mr. Chris Baer, the vice chairman of Cap International in China 

    It is a walk in Chengdu, a city of 3,000 years, and in China. Participants may have a close contact with the long ancient Shu civilization and know more about the features of this city and its past and present. By this chance, Jinsha future popularized its cultural brand.