Google Art Project Covers the Interior Landscape of the Jinsha Site Museum

Release Time:2017-10-24

    Recently, Google Art Project released its latest update, offering the whole interior landscape of China’s mainland museums, including the Jinsha Site Museum. Now users can visit and enjoy the arts and civilization of thousands of years at home through Google Art Project.

    There are in Jinsha Stie Museum the gold decorations of the Sun Bird—symbol of Chinese cultural heritage—and the Gold Mask which is the perfectly preserved and the biggest gold mask; therefore, users can study the significance of the collections though Google Art Project, and they also can look over the interior landscape of Jinsha Site     Museum to experience the ancient Shu culture.


    Google Art Project is designed as an online platform for users to enjoy the arts. At present, there are more than 40 countries and regions and more than 200 museums participated in the platform, with 40,000 thousand art collections. Google Art Project also offers the interior landscapes of many museums so that people can be accessible to enjoy the arts and cultures.