Jinsha Site Museum Joined in Google Art Project

Release Time:2017-10-24

    Lately, Jinsha Site Museum became the second site museum (Hunan Provincial Museum was the first one) that participated in Google Art Project. It revealed the mysterious ancient Shu Kingdom Culture to the global netizens. Yesterday, Google held the promotion seminar with Jinsha Site Museum and others in Beijing. Xiao Feige, a staff of Jinsha Site Museum, told the reporter of Chengdu Commercial Daily people could visit Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jinsha Stie Museum and so on and they could use the resources in Google Project and visit them freely on the internet. This meant that the Sun Bird can be seen with the most valuable treasure of the museum at the same time. It was reported that so far 150,000 people watched the collections of Jinsha Site Museum and Jinsha Site Museum was the first museum in China that had deepened its cooperation with Google.