Jinsha Culture Holding Hands with International Top Car Brand

Release Time:2017-10-31

—Ghost Extended Rolls-Royce Specially Designed for “Chengdu Sun Bird” Showed up in Jinsha 


    On Aug. 23, 2013, the series of theme activities for Rolls-Royce “Centurial Heritage Lights & Shadows” Double Tenth Anniversary were ended in Chengdu successfully. On the brand activities that night, two tailored cars showed up, including one Ghost extended car with “Chengdu Sun Bird” as a gift for the tenth anniversary of the top brand Rolls-Royce in Ghost and in Chinese market. 


    The tailored car was endowed with distinct features of Jinsha culture in ancient Shu, namely, the “Sun Bird” pattern with external body painted in English white and sun gold, a perfect and typical combination of China and UK; the white body is decorated with golden waist lines of the Sun Bird, echoing with the Spirit of Ecstasy with wings unfolded at the car head; on the tires a double-R pattern packed in sun gold indicates the spirit of forever optimism. On interior decoration, the “Sun Bird” pattern is embroidered on the pillow manually or embedded at the center of the central console as a way to manifest its cultural connotation and high-end style with elegance. 


    The car was inspired by the “Sun Bird” unearthed at Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum on Feb. 25, 2001. Four holy birds flying high around the sun shows the pursuit of the Sun and light in the past thousands of years, and it is an ode to the tough ancient Shu people. Soon the Sun Bird was recognized as the core element of Chengdu Image for its plump and regular appearance, beautiful and vivid pattern, and unfathomable workmanship; on Aug. 16, 2005, the Sun Bird was approved as the logo and protector of China cultural heritage. Now, the Jinsha Culture, marked by the Sun Bird, has turned to the most bright name card of history and culture and DNA of this city.