Visitor Regulation

1. Please follow public order, and protect public environment and public properties;

2. Please keep quiet, and avoid chasing, pushing, crowding or loud noise in the museum;

3. Do not touch naked exhibits, climb or lie down, or use roller skates or wheeled shoes in the museum.

4. Do not bring items that endanger personal and property safety including inflammable, explosive, poisonous or hazardous articles or controlled equipment and tools into the museum;

5. Do not climb any building in the museum, and please stay away from balustrades, riverways and other dangerous areas;

6. Do not squeeze glass showcases to avoid damage of cultural relics and physical harm;

7. Prior to your entry into the exhibition hall, please deposit your baggage and keep your valuables properly;

8. Those who are sloppily dressed, drunk or mentally disturbed are not allowed to enter the museum;

9. Those without or with limited capacity for civil conduct must be supervised by a guardian before entering the museum

10. To ensure optimal display effect, the exhibition hall is dimly lighted, so please be aware of your safety.