Guided Tours

I Guided Museum Tour

1. Price

Number of Visitor(s)Charges per personGuided areasDuration
1-3¥50 The Relics Hall and Exhibition Hall (archaeological site and relics exhibition )Around 1 hour
≥4 ¥40 
English & other(s)
≥4 ¥60

2. Location

Tourist center (No.2 Jinsha Site Road);

East Entrance (No.227, Qingyang Avenue)

II Audio Guide 

1. Language

Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish

2. Price

¥20/40 with a ¥200 refundable deposit for each device (Please pay by cash).

3. Location

You can rent a device at the tourist center at South Entrance, the Relics Hall, and the first floor of the Exhibition Hall


I.   Where

South Gate (No. 2, Jinsha Yizhi Road)

East Gate (No. 227, Qingyang Avenue) 

North Gate (No. 3, Jinbo Road) 


II.   When

Monday to Sunday 09:00-17:00 (subject to the on-site announcement)


III.   Price

RMB 70/person full price

IV. Qualification for Discounts and Exemptions

Children below the age of 6, or 1.3 meters in height, when accompanied by a guardian (the guardian is not granted free admission).

V. Contact


Group Reservation

I  Group Reservation for Guided Tours

1. Reservation for guided tours is available to 

1) Groups of 20 people and more ;

2) Groups needing foreign language assistance

2. Please make a phone reservation at least one day before your visit;

3. Please arrive on time as per your appointment

II Group Reservation for the 4D Film

1. Reservation for the 4D film is available to groups of 50 people and more, otherwise please buy tickets over the counter;

2. Please make your reservation three days in advance before your visit;

3. Reservations not available on major holidays

III Contact

Ms. Yan Zhuo

Contact Number: 028-87303572, 13551115011

Jinsha Dining Bar

The museum has a dining bar which offers Chinese combo meals, teas, and coffee.

Location: Exit at the basement floor of the Exhibition Hall

Contact: 13880884820   13550373279